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Yea! You made it!

I’m Jalanda James, a NYC Videographer For Women Entrepreneurs. Read more about me and my services here.

You’re about to discover the fastest way to build trust with your prospects!

When people trust you, they let their guard down.

They believe what you say, and stop looking at you with a crooked eye.

You know that look. It’s the one you’ve given to a new mechanic who gives you his estimate, or to the shopkeeper who pulls prices out of the air (or his ass as I like to call it), no matter what you buy.

That look!


It takes time to get past the “uhmm hmm” and to start really trusting someone.

As a small business owner, you’ve heard it again and again and again. People buy from people they know, like, and trust.

Your success as a Small Business Owner depends on TRUST!

Video is one of the fastest ways to build the bridge between the stranger getting the crooked eye, and the trusted source who people readily give their money to.

Plus, you get to share your personality and simulate what working with you will be like.

And if you do it right, your prospects will feel like they know you ever before they meet you.

Here’s How To Start Building Trust With Your Prospects Today!

Record Better Video
Everyone has a webcam these days. Use this simple trick to make your videos look more professional.

Add Video To Your Website
After recording your video, use this trick to make sure your video plays at the highest quality.

Makeup For Video
Even if you don’t regularly wear makeup this quick read will point out the key items you shouldn’t skip.

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