The Life & Death of a In Person Web Show For Entrepreneurs

by jalanda on July 3, 2012

web show for women entrepreneurs

I shoot in an uber small space. But I have big dreams.

I’m the constant question asker, I thought why not turn that skill into a show. I was ready. I had a slew of guests ready to go. Shout out to Jen Shultz, she was the first person to sign up. (Thanks Girl). Thanks to Michelle Gill-Newton she was my actual first guest. Althea Cheng Fitzpatrick was my last guest.

So my checklist looked like this.

Separate Website
New Web Name
Set ?#$#%

I struggled for 2 weeks trying to build the perfect set. Fail. Fail. Fail.

I should have known I’d be doomed. I don’t even know how to dress myself much less decorate. But I tried because I believe you can make everything work.

Again, I’m shooting in such a small space that there ain’t many options. It’s like hide the bed, crop out the kitchen, and watch that column. Ugh. But it works for my About Me and Sales Videos. I’ve shot every single video in my tiny NYC space. Lesson: You don’t need alot of space to shoot all videos. Web show more space the better.

I created this video and asked around. (I only fixed the look NOT the sound on either video).

I love feedback but sometimes, I wish I could ask myself in a weird out of body kinda way.

See I’m very direct. I can’t be passive aggressive or as I call it nice-mean.

I’m either nice OR mean. No in-between. It’s why my videos are very clear.

So I asked others their opinions and they were nice in the beginning, which you should be. But when the real feedback part came they beat around the bush.

So I had to gather that they didn’t like it. I had to add all my own adjectives and try to figure out what exactly didn’t work.

So I gathered it looked cheesy, cheap, and not professional. But I did the best I could.

Back to the drawing board I went. I’ve heard when you don’t know what’s going on, go simple.

So simple I went.

But that didn’t go as well either. I got that it was better but felt it wasn’t quite it.

Ok. Got it.

So my web show dream is on hold until I get a studio or… (insert miracle).

Even Super Stars struggle with their sets. Marie Forleo just changed her set and I don’t think she will be sticking with that one;-)

Set design is hard. (photo by: Maroon Surreal)

So when you are thinking about setting up your in person web show, think about the set first. It will save you time and money.

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