My First Guy! Lessons Learned.

by jalanda on August 20, 2012

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This was my first guy. “It’s been ages since I have said that” ~ Blanche “Golden Girls” (Not me Mom;)

I shoot inside my tiny apartment and only shoot women because of this.

I don’t know if it’s too many scary Killer Shows or what, but I feel uber intimidated to shoot men when I’m alone in such a small space.

But Michael Margolis of was different.

He was a stranger but he wasn’t.

I’ve been getting his emails for years. So I felt like I knew him.

Working with him was quite different from any of the other shoots that I’ve done in the past with women.

Firstly, he was almost too gorgeous for me to concentrate. Whew! I’ve never had that problem with women.

But one of the biggest lessons I learned from Michael was how to say it, own it, and stop. One of the things I struggle with most women that I’ve shot, is that they don’t tend to make a point and stop.

Instead they tend to make a point, nail it like nobody’s business, and then continue to talk instead of owning it. So they make a point and rather than ending the sentence with a period, they add a comma, talk then add another comma, and before you know it, we’re way off topic.

In regular conversation this is fine. But in the editing room, this sucks. I hate cutting mid sentences. It doesn’t look right.

I didn’t have that problem with Michael. He’d make his point and shut up. Make another point and shut up.

Love. Love. Love.

I also like the authority in which he spoke. He had lots of energy and it comes across on camera as interesting. This is such a great lesson. Because most women tend to speak like they just got done doing yoga and they come across as flat. Then, I have to spend hours trying to find music to punch them up otherwise, they will bore you.

So yea. I had my first guy and I liked it. Take that Katy Perry;-).

Check out Michael in action.

If you are in New York City and want a video call me at 646-801-0035.

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