Day 3: Engagement Marketing – Case Study: MaysBook

by jalanda on May 23, 2012

engagement marketing case study

I went to the Spark & Hustle conference yesterday. It was so great. Full Review Tomm.

It was filled with lots of great speakers. One of the speakers talk touched my heart. It was as if God was like “Grrrrrl, you got it!”.

Yup apparent God is some black, hip, girl who can’t be bothered with spelling girl correctly:-)

So I’m on this journey of being myself and engaging more. Now that I know what I’m doing, I”m constantly stumbling across lots of entrepreneurs who say that being themselves has made all difference in their business.

Meet MayBooks

Enter Mays Book founder, Mica May. Mrs. May said, during her talk, that she was afraid to be herself and go against what she was suppose to be doing. “I was nervous to be myself. What if I alienate larger businesses. But that wasn’t working. Then I started to be me and stop making marketing that wasn’t me”. “I’m being me”. “My company is me”.

And thousands of dollars later, her business is successful with her just being herself.

Another key takeaway was from Mrs. May.

She is the creator of these amazingly simple, hip notebooks. A notebook is a notebook is a notebook. Wrong.

The way that Mrs. May describes her notebook in her company marketing is “Life is too short for ugly notebooks”. That doesn’t appeal to me, so clearly I’m not her target market. I’m not that fussy.

What got me was her paining the picture of why use a notebook. She said she was constantly writing things on little pieces of paper, Post-Its, etc. and they would be everywhere. She’d have nice notebooks but she’d be too nervous to write in them. They were just too nice to just write your notes in. So she’d just have pieces of paper everywhere.

Whoa that is me.

I have mounts of loose leaf paper EVERYWHERE. What’s worst is I have at least 10 fancy, leather, bound journals in my closet that are “too nice to use”. I can’t just write my daily to do, or my brainstorming in my “good notebooks”, that’d be a waste.

So now I have a big 5 subject notebook that instead of organizing me, confuses the hell out of me and the mounds of mounds of paper.

Enter Mrs. May novel, simple suggestion. She said that she loves to write little notes. So she pulls out her simple notebook and writes in it. After the notebook is filled she files it away, and starts a new one.

What? Novel. Yet so simple.

I’m now a uber fan of MaysBooks.

My only complain is the website ordering process is way overcomplicated.

I’m just a basic, busy girl. I don’t care to design the inner and outer book. Just give me a pink, yellow, or lime green book with dotted lines and I’m happy.

I wish she just had some simple, pre-assembled books for purchase. I just wanna click, buy, and go. Done. Too many choices paralyze me.

So Today’s Lesson: Everyone has a “come to Jesus” moment where they realize that just being themselves is the answer. So it’s ok if that wasn’t your original plan. Adapt and move forward and grow.

Update: After contemplating my tagline dilemma I came up with a more suitable tagline that addressed what the heck I’d be talking about. I’m loving engagement marketing as it resonates with my soul. And now that I’ve narrowed it down I just had to say for whom and Tada. My new tagline is “Engagement Marketing For Busy Entrepreneurs”. Guess what I’m talking about and to whom? Yea me.

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