Day 2 Of Being Myself: Taglines

by jalanda on May 22, 2012

be yourself marketing day 2

Day 1 wasn’t bad. It wasn’t monumental either i.e. no change in stats. But Rome wasn’t built in a day. (Yea. Got my one cliche in for the day).

So now it’s 1:26am and I’m wondering what the heck do I write about. I have a theme for my blog. Although, I’m realizing that it’s not as clear as it seemed 1 week ago.

“Make the most of what you got and get what you want”. That doesn’t necessary tell you what I’m going to be talking about.

But what I wanted it to mean was that we, entrepreneurs, need to stop seeking out new solutions, and make the most of what we already have.

For example, how is your opt-in converting? For every 100 people who land on your website, how many are opting in to receive your special report or whatever. I’ve read that a good number is 1%. Sad right. But if 1% of every 100 people who visited your site opted in to your list, by the end of the month you’d have 4+ people on your list. Presuming you’re getting 20 visitors a day. Better than nothing. Then from there you could tweak until you get a nice conversion rate of maybe 20% per 100. Exciting right.

Being Grateful

But instead of making the most of what we got, most entrepreneurs seek more of ????. For example, they will seek out more web traffic. But if you haven’t perfected your conversion game, you’re wasting opportunities. If you only have 20 visitors a day, start trying to convert 1 of those 20 people.

And that’s including me. But I’m stopping that.

I’m working on building real, or better relationships with others using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Blogging. It’s varied enough to yield interesting results, and narrow enough to not stress me the heck out.

So the lesson learned in a day. Your tagline should be clear. If it is, you won’t struggle with thinking of what content to write. Your tagline will tell you. So a new tagline may be in the works for me.

Networking While Sleepy

I have to go to bed now. I’m attending Spark & Hustle tomorrow. I’m not a fan of “Rah, Rah” conferences. They are always way more inspirational than helpful. A day of general speeches can’t be good for an already information overloaded entrepreneur. But the price was right and I’m still booking women for my new web show. So excited. Will tell more later.

But one thing that caught me off guard was my lack of business cards. By the time I tried to order some, I missed the deadline and they would have arrived after the conference. So I had to make my own. I’m not an artist but they came out ok.

I’m going to post the cards tomorrow after I receive reactions to them. Now, if they’re horribly received I’m gonna pretend we never had this conversation;-).

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