How 99% of Interviewees Waste Free Press Opportunities!

by jalanda on June 19, 2012

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Imagine This.

You get an article written about you in a national magazine. What do you do?
A. Read it and tweet link.
B. Not only read it but compliment the writer and leave a comment.
C. Nothing. It was the magazine’s honor that they got to interview you.

Well if you are one of the co-founders of BlogFrog, you do both A & C. I don’t have proof that BlogFrog did A but I know they did C.

I don’t think I’ve ever read an article on a national website where the subject came back and commented on their article.

Not only did Rustin Banks leave a comment but he left such an uplifting comment. After reading it, I was like “Hell Ya!. Onward I go!”

This is great example of corporate engagement.

It’s not longer enough to just get press these days. People want to connect and playing big is not such a great thing anymore. You gotta be human and add a human touch to everything you do. You have to engage.

BlogFrog not only did that but the other blog comments reveal that the founders, have always been very personal.

The Entrepreneur article itself is soo compelling. It’s almost like reading about “The Little Train That Could”.┬áThe author, Jennifer Wang, did a great job at capturing the feel of a start up company. I found myself rooting for them and more eager to test drive their service.

What Is Blog Frog?

BlogFrog, from what I can gather, is a way for your blog commenters to interact with each other.

But, that’s not the draw of BlogFrog for me.

I’m looking for away to engage more people in a more meaningful way and BlogFrog seems helps to facilitate that. I like that BlogFrog lists your last Blog posts in a list of potential blogs that your target audience may like. I think this kind of exposure would be hard to come by otherwise.

I’m not sure of what they do, but there’s something about the grouping that’s attracting me. You’re suppose to be able to earn some money but it’s so nominal; you won’t be able to quit your day job.

I’m running a contest soon where I will be testing out Blog Frog. I’ll be able to give out more detailed thoughts soon.

But if you were looking for an example of corporate engagement, BlogFrog nailed it.

Rustin, in one comment, put a human face to his company and bought a few fans in the process. Go Rustin!

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